KubeSail Docs

KubeSail (cube-sail) helps developers ship software to their customers. Build a SaaS in minutes with KubeSail Platform, ship software and hardware with PiBox, tunnel traffic and manage on-prem installations with KubeSail Agent, and much more!


  • Templates: Easily install and share complex software
  • Tunneling & DNS: Route traffic from the internet to your machines
  • Platform: Enable customers to pay for your software
  • Builder: Build and deploy GitHub repos on your own hardware or at the edge
  • Backups: Encrypted backups of your (or your customers) volumes
  • Pibox: A shippable, deploy-ready, cluster-in-a-box

Attaching a Cluster

KubeSail is built around Kubernetes and works with any cluster. If you already have a Kubernetes cluster, you can install the KubeSail Agent with the following command:

kubectl create -f https://byoc.kubesail.com/USERNAME.yaml

The KubeSail Agent is a small open-source agent which runs on your cluster and enables the features listed above. Once installed, visit the KubeSail Dashboard to verify and attach your cluster.

Getting a cluster

KubeSail Managed

We specialize in managing Kubernetes clusters and offering expert DevOps support on dedicated hardware, on-prem installations, any major cloud provider. Reach out to us at support@kubesail.com or book some time to chat.

Cloud Provider guides

Dedicated hardware guides

  • Hetzner (instructions work well for most dedicated hardware providers)

Local, embedded or development cluster guides