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The Self Hosting Company#

KubeSail makes self-hosting easy.

Self-hosting means running internet software on computers you own. Attach any computer for free or buy one from us. Own your own data, keep your photos private & fix the internet!

  • Get Started: I want to self-host, let’s go!
  • Pibox: Our custom home-hosting hardware
  • Templates: Easily install self-hosted apps
  • Backups: Encrypted backups of your (or your customers) volumes
  • Remote Access: Access your server & apps over the internet
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

For developers#

Isn’t a Self-Hosting Service kind of a contradiction in terms?#

If self-hosting is all about breaking free from subscription services, owning your own data, and taking back ownership on the internet, why the heck would anyone sign up for a subscription to self-host!?

This is a fantastic question, and one that answers itself as your self-hosting journey unfolds:

Our service aims to provide everything home-hosting is missing.

We’re a small startup: your support means the world to us! Checkout our plans and pricing.