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KubeSail Docs#

KubeSail (cube-sail) helps developers ship software to their customers. Build a SaaS in minutes with KubeSail Platform, ship software and hardware with PiBox, tunnel traffic and manage on-prem installations with KubeSail Agent, and much more!


  • Templates: Easily install and share complex software
  • Tunneling & DNS: Route traffic from the internet to your machines
  • Platform: Enable customers to pay for your software
  • Builder: Build and deploy GitHub repos on your own hardware or at the edge
  • Backups: Encrypted backups of your (or your customers) volumes
  • Pibox: A shippable, deploy-ready, cluster-in-a-box

Attaching a Cluster#

KubeSail is built around Kubernetes and works with any cluster. If you already have a Kubernetes cluster, you can install the KubeSail Agent with the following command:

kubectl create -f

The KubeSail Agent is a small open-source agent which runs on your cluster and enables the features listed above. Once installed, visit the KubeSail Dashboard to verify and attach your cluster.


On Ubuntu 21.04 and above on Raspberry Pis, you may need to install the linux-modules-extra-raspi package before Microk8s or K3s will work properly!

Getting a cluster#

KubeSail Managed#

We specialize in managing Kubernetes clusters and offering expert DevOps support on dedicated hardware, on-prem installations, any major cloud provider. Reach out to us at or book some time to chat.

Cloud Provider guides#

Dedicated hardware guides#

  • Hetzner (instructions work well for most dedicated hardware providers)

Local, embedded or development cluster guides#