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What is self hosting?#

Self-Hosting means running server software yourself, on computers you own. Although every day billions of people use web browsers, the client side of the internet, almost all the servers they connect to are owned by a handful of the largest software companies in the world. For example, to visit Sarah’s page, you don’t visit Sarah’s computer - you visit Google’s or Facebook’s.

Self-Hosting fixes the internet by putting server-software and skills into the hands of everyone. Own your data, cut the expensive hosted subscription services, learn real skills: That’s what self-hosting does!

What operating systems does KubeSail support?#

KubeSail should work with any Linux operating system that can run a modern version of Kubernetes. We test using Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04, and we use Debian 11 for the PiBox’s base operating system. You can even run KubeSail on Windows or Mac via Docker-Desktop or Rancher-Desktop, although we can’t promise it will work properly. If you’re running into issues using KubeSail with any Kubernetes cluster, feel free to join us in chat and we’ll figure it out!

What happens to my server if KubeSail goes away?#

While it might not be the best way to run a company, we’ve actually had this situation in mind since day one. Your server and your data belongs to you, and the only things that would stop working if KubeSail suddenly ceased to exist are:

  • control panel
  • Remote tunneling ( and addresses)
  • Automatic backups

Your apps would continue and run and your data would remain on your devices. Each of the services we bundle can be replicated by a handful of other services (for example, we would recommend CloudFlare’s tunneling product and BackBlaze’s backup product), and we’ll work hard to provide guides and tutorials for migration.

Does KubeSail still provide enterprise DevOps training?#

Yes, although on a limited basis. We’ve pivoted to focus on our self-hosting product, but are still available for select trainings. Please see for more information.

Why do you use Discord if you’re supposed to be a self-hosting company?#

We’re not zealots - hosted platforms do have a lot of utility! One of our core values is “Pragmatism over idealism”, and that certainly applies here.

While we do plan on migrating to Mastodon one day, we’ve yet to make that jump. Bear with us for our imperfections.

Company Values#

  • 🦾 Integrity: Don’t be Evil.
  • 👐 Openness: Share everything, with everyone, as much as is reasonable.
  • 💟 Friendliness: Make people happier with code, hardware, and attitudes.
  • 🏗️ Endurance: Build products to last; stay healthy and happy. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.