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What is self hosting?#

Self-Hosting means running server software yourself, on computers you own. Although every day billions of people use web browsers, the client side of the internet, almost all the servers they connect to are owned by a handful of the largest software companies in the world. For example, to visit Sarah’s page, you don’t visit Sarah’s computer - you visit Google’s or Facebook’s.

Self-Hosting fixes the internet by putting server-software and skills into the hands of everyone. Own your data, cut the expensive hosted subscription services, learn real skills: That’s what self-hosting does!

What operating systems does KubeSail support?#

KubeSail should work with any Linux operating system that can run a modern version of Kubernetes. We test using Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04, and we use Debian 11 for the PiBox’s base operating system. You can even run KubeSail on Windows or Mac via Docker-Desktop or Rancher-Desktop, although we can’t promise it will work properly. If you’re running into issues using KubeSail with any Kubernetes cluster, feel free to join us in chat and we’ll figure it out!