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Hacker Bundle Guide & Hardware List#

The PiBox hardware components can be purchased individually and assembled as a DIY kit. This page will help you source components if you decide to purchase the “Hacker Bundle”.

Assembly Video#

After assembly, follow the rpiboot flashing instructions

Choosing a Metal or 3D Printed Case#

If you choose to 3D print your case, you can download the latest version of STL print files from GitHub.

We are currently manufacturing a large quantity of metal cases, and will be making our these available for sale individually on once we have adequate inventory.

5V PWM Fan#

For best results, we recommend using a 40mm 5V PWM fan, such as the Noctua NF-A4x10. Any 40x40x10mm fan will work, although 12v fans will likely not spin at high enough RPMs to keep your Pi adequetly cool, and your CPU may throttle down. PWM is not necessary, but if you do use a PWM fan, it will stay much quieter since your Pi typically does not need much cooling.

1.3” LCD Screen#

LCD screens are included in every bundle. If you need a replacement, you can buy a bare screen from Adafruit.

Backplane and Carrier Boards & Power Supply#

The Backplane and Carrier boards are now available on as the “Hacker PiBox”. This kit includes a metal case and the correct 17.5W Power Supply for your country.

WiFi Antenna#

The official CM4 antenna can be purchased for $5 from CanaKit or PiShop, but may require expensive shipping. Unofficial antennas can also be purchased from Amazon with free shipping.


Crucial offers affordable solid state drives in 1TB and 2TB capacities. Drives up to 4TB and 8TB are also available from Samsung.