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PiBox by KubeSail#

Designed for simplicity, KubeSail now ships a custom low-cost cluster, pre-installed with Kubernetes and the KubeSail agent. The design is based on the Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module, includes 2 expandable SATA SSD ports, and costs $299. PiBox is ideal for home and small office use, and makes it easy to take advantage of KubeSail templates and backups.

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About the hardware#

The PiBox is a storage server that lets you use a standard operating system, runs Kubernetes, and has expandable storage. Designed for home-hosting and for shipping to customers directly, the PiBox is the perfect small NAS! Check out for more memory and SSD options.

Modular Design#

The PiBox uses a Raspberry PI Compute Module 4, giving you options of 1, 2, 4, or 8GB RAM, optional WiFi, and up to 32GB of onboard flash storage. The compact design includes 2 powered SATA SSD slots allowing for up to 16TB of expandable storage.

5-bay and desktop HDD compatible models are under development and will be coming soon.

SSH Login details#

The PiBox ships with the default SSH and SMB username/password of “pi”/”kubesail”.

You can access SSH with: ssh pi@pibox.local