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The KubeSail Agent can backup and restore your Volumes. Restore data between volumes easily! Backups are encrypted on your cluster and uploaded to our AWS S3-backed storage system.

New Backup#

Under the Resources list, select the PersistentVolumeClaim you’d like to backup.

Click “Backup Now” to start a backup job:

You can restore this backup to any other volume on any other attached cluster, or restore here by clicking “restore”.


The number of allowed backups is based on the subscription level of the cluster. See our Pricing page for details.

  • 1 backup is allowed for free
  • 10 backups allowed for “Starter”
  • 30 backups allowed for “Teams”

Scheduled backups and API Documentation are on our roadmap, but please join us in chat if you have any feedback or need a more customized installation