PiBox by KubeSail

PiBox is a new hardware design from KubeSail. The PiBox is a NAS that lets you use a standard operating system, can run Kubernetes and handle 2 or 5 SSDs. Designed for at-the-edge clusters, home-hosting and for shipping to customers directly, the PiBox is the perfect small NAS! Check out pibox.io for more information and to pre-order!

The PiBox uses a Raspberry PI Compute Module 4 and can be customized with up to 8GB RAM!

The compact, modular design allows for either 2 or 5 standard-sized SSDs.

PiBoxes can also be shipped directly to your customers via the KubeSail Platform. A customer can pay, receive a PiBox in the mail, plug the device in, and instantly get an on-prem copy of your software on-line, with no additional configuration!

Checkout PiBox.io to learn more!