Contributing to KubeSail Docs

An introduction to contributing to the KubeSail Docs.

The KubeSail team welcomes documentation improvements from developers and users in the open source community. To contribute to the docs, click Edit on GitHub at the top of this page.

Reporting an Issue

Anyone with a GitHub account can file an issue (bug report) against the KubeSail documentation. File an issue if you see a problem on an existing page or if you want to request new content.

Please include as much detail as you can. If the problem is visual (for example a theme or design issue), please add a screenshot.

Installing for Development

The KubeSail documentation is written in Markdown and processed and deployed using MkDocs. You'll need Python installed on your system, as well as the Python package manager, pip. Then, install MkDocs.

After that, fork and clone the repository.

git clone<your-github-username>/kubesail-docs.git

Change into the new directory, install your dependencies, and run the project locally.

cd kubesail-docs
pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs serve

Project layout

Updates to the navigation can be made in the YML configuration file. Other content can be updated in the Markdown files.

mkdocs.yml    # The configuration file.
docs/  # The documentation homepage.
    ...       # Other markdown pages, images and other files.

Submitting Pull Requests

Once you are happy with your changes or you are ready for some feedback, push it to your fork and send a pull request.